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UEFA Nations League

Scotland have been drawn against Israel and Albania in the inaugural UEFA Nations League.

With matches set to be played home and away during a 10-week period between September and November.

Designed to replace the meaningless international friendlies with more competitive games, the Nations League will also include promotion and relegations.

It could also provide the likes of Scotland with a second route to qualification for the European Championships, with four places available via a play-off system, if they fail to secure qualification through the regular system.

The group games kick off on the 7th September when Albania host Israel, with Scotland's first game three days later at home to Albania and the campaign ending with Scotland at home to Israel on 20th November.

Euro qualifying begins in March 2019, with the 10 groups to be drawn on 2 December, with the tournament spread across 12 different cities including Glasgow.

Scotland have not reached a major tournament since the 1998 World Cup in France.

Albania qualified for their first major tournament at Euro 2016, while Israel have never qualified for a European Championship, with their last major tournament being the 1970 World Cup.


Friday 7 September: Albania v Israel

Monday 10 September: Scotland v Albania

Thursday 11 October: Israel v Scotland

Sunday 14 October: Israel v Albania

Saturday 17 November: Albania v Scotland

Tuesday 20 November: Scotland v Israel

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