Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has handed Scott McTominay his Player of the Year award at Manchester United's Player of the Year awards bash.

McTominay has played 20 times for United in all competitions this season and Mourinho was full of praise for the youngster during the ceremony.

Mourinho said: "I think the dream of every boy that arrives at the club is to play for the first-team, and when he [McTominay] came becomes true the next dream is to play in big matches and to play Champions League, and eventually to play for the national team. This team did everything in five or six months. My player of the year has to be Scott McTominay.”

Speaking to MUTV later on, Mourinho added: "“It was between him and Matic, because Matic last March 2017 he told me ‘I want to play for you, and I want to play for Manchester United’. And he made it happen. He has been very consistent, and very important for the balance of the team. I was going for him, but then I understood in two awards for young players Scott was not getting one, I changed my mind because it wasn’t acceptable.

“He is the one who has done everything. He started the season in the academy and ended it playing big games in the Premier League. I thought this kid can not go home without an award.

“I always say that for me there are not young players or old players, it is just about the quality of the personality and this kid has everything that I want so I think that it is good for the younger boys in the academy to look at him as an example of player.

“We know it is important to have players like Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford that were born in the club, but it is right to have the right profile. Scott gives to other players that the dream is still alive.”

After receiving the manager's player of the year award, McTominay said: “Well obviously a surprise. It was really nice for me. Yeah obviously it was tremendous honour, and so so grateful to the manager for choosing me. Really looking to kick on in the last three games and the cup final.

“You always have your goals and ambitions and some years you exceed that and some year you don’t obviously it has been an amazing year for me playing 20 games and obviously next season you want 25, 30, 35 more.

“I always want more, everything that I do, I might not have scored or got an assist and there is always room for improvement.

“The concentration level you need to be switched on for every match, you want to grow up and learn from Matic, Pogba, Carrick.

“The best high was after the Liverpool game, it was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. i’m a Manchester United fan IT doesn’t get much better than beating Liverpool. Marcus scoring two goals was a great day for the academy.”

McTominay was also rewarded for his United performances with a call up to the Scotland squad to face Costa Rica in Alex McLeish's first game back in charge of the national team, playing an hour before being substituted in the 1-0 defeat.

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