Liverpool fans group Spirit of Shankly will travel to Celtic Park this weekend to gain more of an understanding of rail seating which is in use with the Scottish champions. The fan group asked 18000 Liverpool fans their opinion on rail seating and 88% of votes cast were in favour of implementing it at Anfield.

Spirit of Shankly will attend Celtic's game with Ross County on Saturday - at the invitation of Celtic themselves - accompanied by other Liverpool supporters, Hillsborough families and survivors.

The Hillsborough disaster in 1989 prompted the Taylor Report - published a year later - which recommended that all major stadiums in the UK convert to all-seater stadias.

Jay McKenna, chair of Spirit Of Shankly said: "After our overwhelming vote, and conversations since, there was clearly a need to know more. We're grateful for Celtic to the invitation and it will be an opportunity for us to put to them the questions we had aired in our discussions last year.

"For many, this will be the first time that they have seen or experienced a rail seating section, so it will be a chance to better understand what it is and what it isn't. Hopefully we can come away much more informed."

The supporters group will meet with the club, police, stewards and supporters groups as they look further into the option of rail seating. In addition, some will also watch the game from the rail seating section to experience it in full.

McKenna added: "There is a closeness to Celtic, one fostered more since Hillsborough. Similarly people have shared deeply personal experiences in our discussions so far. So we know it can be emotional for some and we are aware of the sensitivities. We’re respectful of that.”

“Going to Celtic isn’t an endorsement or a pre-cursor to calling for rail seating at Anfield. We want an informed discussion, based on this visit, with supporters.

"This is why we extended an invite to both Hillsborough groups and those who were there and not - we want to ensure all voices are heard.”