Celtic have just secured their seventh title in a row after defeating Rangers 5-0 on Sunday, and you may also know that they have the most followers in the Scottish Premiership on twitter.

With 586k followers, Celtic are 162k ahead of Rangers who have 424k followers on twitter, and comfortably ahead of Aberdeen's 92.1k.

But despite what the numbers say, Celtic are not the league leaders when it comes to the percentage stakes of genuine v fake followers - according to twitteraudit.com.

According to the website, which works out how many of someone's followers are actually fake, 79% of Celtic's followers are genuine.

So what club has the greatest percentage of genuine followers in the Premiership?

Partick Thistle - Surprise!

While the stats may not be 100% accurate, compared to Celtic's 79%, twitteraudit.com says that Partick Thistle has a whopping 96% of genuine followers.

Aberdeen, who are currently second in the Premiership, are rooted to the bottom of the twitter rankings with only 59% of genuine followers along with Rangers.

While Thistle may lead the rankings in % of genuine twitter followers, Celtic still lead the way in actual followers even when you subtract all of the 'fake' followers. The Scottish champions have just under 346k actual followers, while Rangers languish behind with 66.5k genuine followers.

Putting that into perspective, Real Madrid and English champions Barcelona, their respective audit scores are 54% and 49% respectively. Madrid have around 13 million fake followers, while Barca have 14 million fake accounts.

English champions Man City have an audit score of 59% and have 2.5 million fake accounts, while city rivals United are scored at 50% with 8.5 million bot accounts.

Here are the rankings in full:

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