Scottish FA President Alan McRae claims Celtic winning next season would be 'very boring and dreary'

Scottish FA President Alan McRae has dropped all pretence of being impartial and of Scottish football having any sporting integrity, after he claimed that next season would be 'very boring and dreary' if Celtic won the title again.McRae further angered Scottish football fans by claiming that he would welcome a 'good' and 'strong Rangers' to challenge Celtic.

Celtic finished the domestic season unbeaten in all competitions as Brendan Rodgers won a domestic treble in his debut season as Celtic manager. But in footage published on social media, McRae was caught looking less than impressed as Celtic lifted the Scottish Cup Final at the end of May to complete a historic treble.

SFA President Alan McRae hopes we don't win the league next year,this clip makes a lot more sense now.👍

— tam sellics son (@gibbygibbo1) June 11, 2017

Despite Rangers finishing nine points behind second placed Aberdeen and 39 points behind champions Celtic, McRae claimed: “It’s difficult for the other clubs to compete with Celtic because at the moment they’re flying high.

“It was a fantastic achievement to come through both cups and the league being undefeated, especially on the 50th anniversary of the Lisbon Lions. It is quite amazing what’s happened.

“They have done it once. Hopefully it won’t happen again next season because we’ve got to have challengers. They know you need to have people challenging. Otherwise it will get very boring and dreary.

“We definitely need a good, strong Rangers. They are back, but they still have a bit to go.”

McRae also refused to comment on the recent acquittal of former Rangers owner Craig Whyte who was cleared of fraud charges, the former Cove Rangers chairman said: “That’s something between Craig Whyte and Rangers. We found him not to be fit and proper for other reasons.

“I suppose the more things that close there the better and they can get rid of the shackles. But I wouldn’t want to make any more comment on it because that’s a Rangers matter."

The Scottish FA has still not commented on the recent breach of takeover rules by Rangers chairman Dave King and his refusal to adhere to their ruling of offering to buy £14 million worth of shares.

McRae's comments will pour further fuel onto the fire that the Scottish FA would do anything to help Rangers get back on top, five years after chief executive Stewart Regan tried everything in his power to keep the old Rangers in the top flight.

Along with then-SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster, they claimed that Scottish football would be facing Armageddon if Rangers were to start life again in Division Three.

The late Raith Rovers chairman Turnbull Hutton claimed at the time that the game was corrupt with the Scottish FA and SPL trying to bully clubs into accepting Rangers into the First Division.

He said: “[We are being] bullied, railroaded and lied to. We are being lied to by the Scottish FA and the SPL. We are being threatened and bullied. It is not football as I know it.

“It was a ridiculous document which came out last week whereby the threat was there that if you don’t vote for an acceptance into the First Division, a breakaway SPL2 will come along and those who didn’t vote wouldn’t be invited.

“What kind of game are we running here? It is corrupt.”

Can anyone remind us what the Scottish FA President or Chief Executive said about the Scottish game when Rangers were equalling Celtic's Nine titles in a row, in the 90s?

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