Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has distanced himself from talk surrounding him with a link to the Arsenal job, after it was announced that Arsene Wenger would be quitting at the end of the season.

Rodgers, who is among the favourites to take over at the Emirates in the summer, said :"There is always a lot of speculation around.

"I have three years left on my contract here, I am very happy. There is always going to be speculation because with Arsene leaving there has to be names put in the hat.

"It would take something extraordinary to take me away from here. I have a great relationship with Dermot [Desmond].

"I came in on a year's deal and the club offered me four years and I was happy to sign that. After this season I will have three more years and I will be so happy if I can see that three years out.

"I love working here and the whole process of developing players, winning games and seeing the club progress. There is still a lot to do here.

"I am obviously privileged to be manager of Celtic, big club, huge demands and I am only helping the club grow and go forward and order to do that it is about happiness.

"There will be somewhere I can go and maybe earn two or three times more money than I am now.

"It is not about that. I am still relatively young as a manager at 45, I am happy in my professional life and really content outside of that as well."

Rodgers previously managed Swansea and Liverpool in the English Premier League.

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