In such a momentous day in the history of their club, Rangers fans descended on Ibrox to celebrate the arrival of Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard as their fourth manager in three years, by singing a banned sectarian song that celebrates a fascist gang leader. Reportedly 6000 fans were inside Ibrox to catch their first glimpse of the man who will be tasked with stopping Celtic winning ten in a row.

But it seems that the excitement got to many as the banned sectarian Billy Boys song was belted out with much gusto. They don't have many celebratory songs about being Rangers fans but the Billy Boys - with the up to their knees in fenian blood add-on - is their go-to ditty when they celebrate or when they are downtrodden after another defeat to city neighbours and Scottish champions Celtic.

The Billy Boys was the signature tune of the Brigton Boys in the 1920s - a Protestant street gang - who targeted Catholics in the city and extorted money from their local community for 'protection'. It was founded by Billy Fullerton, a British Fascist and founder of the Glasgow branch of the Ku Klux Klan.

Welcome to Ibrox Steven.