Rangers director John Gilligan walks away from board

Rangers director John Gilligan has quit the Rangers board two years after taking up the position at the Ibrox club.Gilligan joined the board after Dave King orchestrated a coup d'etat and seized power in March 2015 at an extraordinary general meeting after pro-King elements of the Rangers support forced the previous regime fronted by the Easdale brothers out.

In a statement on the club's official website, Gilligan said: "I am proud to have played my part in helping the right people regain control of our fantastic club. It was a long struggle but words can never describe the joy and thrill of winning that critical EGM. That memory will remain with me forever.

"There is still much to do but I am confident that the board will not fail our supporters, whose never-ending loyalty drives our club forward, and I thank each and every one of you for the tremendous backing we have received. I am looking forward to returning to my place beside you every week.

"Finally, let me say it has been a privilege to serve this wonderful club and its supporters at boardroom level. It has been like living the dream and I am honoured to be able to say that I was deemed worthy to be a director of this Scottish institution and the greatest football club in the world."

His resignation is a further blow to the Ibrox regime and comes only weeks after King ignored the Takeover Panel's orders for him to offer Rangers shareholders 20p per share after he was found in breach of the Takeover code when he seized control of the club.

The Takeover panel has now applied to the Court of Session to have their ruling legally enforced.

King, issued a statement on Monday night praising Gilligan's time at the club, he said: "After regime change, it was necessary to compile a board who recognised the magnitude of the challenge facing the club and who had the passion and commitment to drive the club's agenda forward against the obstacles that faced us at that time.

"When I approached John to assist with the rebuilding exercise he unhesitatingly agreed to do so, despite the challenges this would demand of his time given his other extensive business, social and family commitments.

"After years of tireless effort, lobbying, and campaigning to turn Rangers' fortunes around, John has taken the decision to step down knowing that much of what was required post regime change has already been achieved and that the outstanding requirements have been clearly identified by the board, who have the necessary action plans in place.

"John would now like to concentrate on business and family life, as well as simply being a fan again."

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