Scotland's largest independent supporters group, the Scottish Football Supporters Association has called for a u-turn from the Scottish FA over their refusal to participate into a review of the handling of the Rangers EBT scandal.

The group believes that radical reform is essential if our game is to move forward to a position where transparency and good governance standards are met.

Simon Barrow, Chairman of the SFSA said: “The Scottish game has had a governing body for 144 years and in that time its performance has never been publically evaluated. Unlike most industries there is no watchdog, no independent evaluation or review of performance on how the game is run.

"There are many issues within the game that fans have real concerns about but as it stands the governance rules within the game mean that no-one outside knows if a good job is being done by the SFA and the SPFL or not.

“We believe it is unhelpful for the SFA to try to avoid such scrutiny at this time. We also believe that this highlights the weaknesses in the Board Structures at Hampden Park that need addressed in the future.

"It is our view that is essential for the SFA to reverse its decision and to start to repair some of the significant damage done to its image and reputation by being open honest and transparent to all its stakeholders.”