With neighbours Celtic favourites to lift their seventh title in a row this season and some bookies already paying out before a ball had even been kicked, Rangers fans have launched a laughable campaign to claim wartime silverware as major honours. Despite official domestic competitions being suspended in Scotland during World War Two [1939-45], petitioning Rangers fans want the club’s seven regional league titles on top of the 54 titles the old Rangers won before being liquidated in 2012.

During the war, clubs created regional league and cup competitions, however, these were not officially recognised by the Scottish FA.

Despite claiming that Hibernian and Aberdeen list their regional trophies as official honours in a failed attempt to justify their claims, neither club lists them as major honours simply referring them as minor or regional ones.

They also highlight Celtic’s World War One-era titles, while forgetting to mention to potential signatories that official competitions were not suspended during this earlier conflict, asking why they are recognised and ‘at worst Celtic should be stripped of their WW1 titles’.

Rangers themselves list their league title from Season 1917-18 as a major honour but forego listing their regional titles in their major honours roll.

The petition read: “There seems no justification for these other clubs including honours and ours not standing.

“As well as winning seven titles, we also won five cups, four league cups and a War Cup. In total, we have been denied 12 trophies.

“The worst should be Celtic stripped of their WW1 titles but, to be honest, it would be fairer just to include our 12.

“The main justification for taking their titles is that in England, these were suspended during WW1 – why should they have these.

“It’s totally biased and wrong, not just morally but factually. Sporting integrity would demand that these titles should be added.

“If Aberdeen and Hibs include their honours then there is no reason why we don’t include in ours.”

The petition, with around 18000 signatories at the time of writing, reeks of desperation from Rangers fans who are watching a Celtic side dominate the domestic game and currently on their sixth title win in a row.

It also follows on the back of a campaign by fans of various clubs in the Scottish game who are demanding a judicial review into Rangers’ misuse of the EBT scheme during an 11 year period, with some demanding their titles during this period to be stripped.

Celtic are just six titles behind the now defunct Rangers that won 54 championships and it is now apparent that some Rangers fans are in the midst of a futile attempt to halt the Celtic juggernaut catching up with them.

Just don’t highlight the fact that their claims of being the world’s most successful club is factually incorrect as Egyptian side Al-Ahly hold that honour. They will probably start a petition for FIFA to not recognise them as Rangers were not playing in the same competitions!

Written by Andy Muirhead