Celtic 'appalled' over sickening Lee Rigby chants

Celtic have said the club are "appalled" after fans were filmed singing abusive chants about murdered soldier Lee Rigby. The video was filmed in Sunderland, where Celtic were playing a friendly match against the England Championship side last weekend.

In the video, Celtic fans can be seen chanting "f**k Lee Rigby, you won't be f*****g drumming anymore".

Rigby, 25, a drummer and machine-gunner in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, was murdered by terrorists near his army barracks in London in May 2013.

Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale were sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder.


In a statement, Celtic said: "Clearly everyone at Celtic is appalled by these events. Such behaviour in no way represents Celtic Football Club or our supporters.

"We understand this incident is now subject to an ongoing police inquiry. Let us be clear, in the event that any individuals are identified as being responsible, Celtic will take the strongest possible action."

The club statement follows calls from Rigby's mum, Lyn, to condemn the fans. She said: "I haven’t stopped crying since I saw that video. Celtic need to denounce these scum wearing their team’s shirt and apologise for what they have done.

“I don’t understand how people can be so vicious about something so tragic. I hope the hooligans in this video search their souls and conscience and realise it’s real people they are harming.

“I doubt they have had a son or loved one hacked to death in the street. They would not be sneering and mocking.

“I’m exhausted by constant grief and pain and Lee doesn’t deserve to have his memory dragged through the mud.

“It’s nasty and cuts me down every time I try to move on and do good in Lee’s memory.

“Lee never did anything to hurt them but they forget he was flesh and blood, my only son. He’s not just a news story or a name to be bandied about in spite.”

Celtic fans, in the aftermath of the video being posted online, have condemned those engaging in the singing with many demanding Celtic ban them for good.