Neil Lennon mocks 'laughable and insignificant' Rangers fan group

Neil Lennon has mocked Rangers fan group Club 1872 and claimed that their statement denouncing his behaviour during Hbernian's 3-2 win over the Ibrox side as 'laughable' and that it read like it was written by a 15-year-old.

Lennon sparked outrage from the stands inside Ibrox after he gestured towards the home support as he celebrated Hibernian's goals, following constant sectarian abuse levelled at the former Celtic player and manager.

Club 1872, the second largest shareholders of Rangers, blasted Lennon and called on Police Scotland and the football authorities to take action against the Hibs manager for a 'clear attempt' to 'incite trouble'.

The group published a statement claiming that Lennon had 'previous for abusing and goading both Rangers staff and supporters" and playing "the victim when things did not go his way".

However, Lennon mocked the group and their statement, saying: "It was laughable and insignificant. I've never heard of them. It looked like it was written by a 15-year-old. I was aware of it but I don't need to comment on it."

Neil Lennon

The former Celtic manager then fired a devastating broadside on the Scottish mainstream media, for blowing his celebrations out of all proportion.

Lennon commented: "Why was it front page news? There's so much more going on in Scotland and around the world and there I find myself on the Monday, front page news for celebrating a goal. It's disproportionate.

"The fallout is not my fault, the fallout is driven by yourselves, the media. I gave an answer to a question on Saturday and said I celebrated a goal. That should have been the end of it but obviously it wasn't.

"People are saying there were complaints made to the police about me but I'm sure there were various other complaints made to the police about other things going on in the stadium, but that wasn't reported.

"We won the game, it's a massive distraction and deflection from what my players did, the way we set the team out and the football that we played.

"From my point of view we went to Ibrox in a really hostile environment, stood up to the challenge and came away with a fantastic three points.

"And I think that's been really poorly overlooked by the mainstream media."

He added: "You don't write about the football, you write about me celebrating a goal, or contentious decisions in the game - which by the way - we could have had a player sent off, they could have had more players sent off but we don't go on about it.

"We had a perfectly good goal disallowed and we missed umpteen chances in the second half to win the game more comfortably but that's irrelevant to some people, that just gets overlooked."

Meanwhile a 54 year old man was arrested over alleged offensive and threatening comments about Lennon on social media.