Goodbye Pittodrie?

For 114 years Pittodrie has been home to Aberdeen Football Club, but with it nearing the end of its shelf life, the Premiership side are looking to move into a new £50 million stadium at Kingsford, near Westhill.

Official Aberdeen matchday photographer Scott Baxter captures Pittodrie, its match day residents and the soul of the stadium beautifully in his photo essay for Last Ditch Tackle.

What are your views on the Dons looking to leave Pittodrie for Kingsford? 

Photographs by Scott Baxter


  1. Started going to Pittodrie with my dad when I was only 8 and now I’m 63 I’ve been through all the ups and downs that came with being a Dandy . Will be sorry to leave but everything moves on and now I’m looking forward to going to KINGSFORD

  2. The logistics of getting 000’s of fans to/from a remote out of town location are difficult if not impossible. I dread Tuesday night football there – if it gets built.
    There is zero transparency over the £50m cost and how it will be paid for. Remember, £2m of debt arose due to the building of the RDS. It hung over the club for more than 20 years (coincidentally at the same time as the club’s most barren period and the tenure of Stewart Milne as chairman). Only with the writing off of the debt by the equity injection of Mr & Mrs Donald have we seen the club operating on a more sure footing both financially and in a football sense. £50m of debt/loans? What good will come of that? Season 1 at Kingsford (if built) will have its novelty factor but, after that, too many folk will be moaning about getting stranded out there post match. Forget about taking a car unless you’re prepared to pay lots of £££’s for corporate parking. The plebs will pay the price.

    Apart from that, it will be fine (not).

    This "plan" is wrong in every sense.

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